Reviving villages and rural areas by empowering community living, remote work and cross-cultural growth

Our Mission:

Reviving Villages.

We are on a mission to reviving villages and rural areas by empowering entrepreneurship, community living, remote work, cross-cultural growth and affordable housing.

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Villages around the globe are facing serious challenges. Young people move away and with them, the hope for long lasting local communities. With the migration of people towards cities, many rural houses are abandoned and turning into ruins. In Spain alone, there are nearly one million empty rural houses in villages. At the same time, cities became overcrowded, are coping with air pollution, insufficient and unaffordable housing and a fast pace of life.



What we do

Pandorahub (re)connects people with rural areas, empowering both the villagers and those who need respite from the city. Together with local governments and communities we identify opportunities in their villages and co-create programs to attract entrepreneurs who are interested to work and live in a village. We combine the novelty of technologies and entrepreneurship with old traditions, local customs and the power of nature.

Our dream is seeing villages thrive again.




+3.000 abandoned villages just in spain

And half of the overall villages in risk of abandonment. But this is a global phenomena. Village abandonment affects 20.000 villages in Italy, 900.000 in China and 80.000 in Japan




Nearly 1 million empty rural houses

Apart from the abandoned villages, nearly 1 million empty houses are located in populated and thriving villages



1 billion digital nomads by 2035* 

And estimated 50% of people will work remotely by 2020.



 * Data taken from,,

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Our next move: Prototyping a Micro-Village in the center of Catalonia as a Hub for Decentralized & Social Organizations


Your support will be primarily dedicated to make this possible. Contribute and come to experience first hand how this all looks like in real life.

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“The Next BIG THING is small towns"

Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend

(Interviewed by in 2016)

What we've done

We've been 3 years scouting villages and organizing rural adventures for entrepreneurs and startups in areas in Spain, Europe and Bali. Ranging from startup incubation programs, business acceleration experiences or rural coliving  and coworking tours. 

We have had the opportunity to establish a strong, healthy and caring network of local governments, local and global communities and entrepreneurs working remotely from villages. 

We are now in the process of creating an alternative and non-speculative housing platform which enables people to roam around rural houses in a network of villages.

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+100 Participants in our programs

Local and newcomer entrepreneurs, startup teams, distributed organizations, individual activists and social innovators 

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12 rural adventures for startups and entrepreneurs

Including 3 rural coliving and coworking residencies, 4 business acceleration experiences and 5 rural tours around Spain, Catalonia and Bali

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+50 local hosts in rural territories

Local governments, public and private collaborating actors in villages & rural areas

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+20 top level facilitators and trainers

Highly experienced people in our network enriching the rural experiences with unique people centric business methods such as Pentagrowth, Design Sprints or Dragon Dreaming

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We are privileged and proud to be working on our passion: the rural revival. We’ve been doing it under our own steam and we’ll continue to do this - However, we've seen how people around the globe are sharing the same mission so we are taking this opportunity for getting support and speeding up the process. 




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join our upcoming rural adventure

A 6-month civictech and decentralized governance incubation program addressed to startups, organizations, cyberactivists, researchers and government teams in the volcanic region of Garrotxa (Central Catalunya)

chat with our founder

Discover what drove her starting the project, a personal history of forced village abandonment by her father family during the Spanish Dictatorship.





Pentagrowth Author & Founder at Ideas for Change

"I did not expect to find such a vibrant community of smart business and people in a small village. The acceleration experience I took part inspired new combinations that produced incredible value for the participant startups. Do yourself and your business a favor and try it once. Personally, I would be delighted to once again take part in Pandorahub's rural accelerations.”

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"After PANDORAHUB first pilot experience, we have started a local action group in Riba-roja,  bringing together proactive locals who share an innovative orientation towards the future. People who are eager to excel a positive transformation in our village. PANDORAHUB is now helping us with the design, facilitation and ignition of periodical community involvement participatory workshops. The action group goal is aimed at creating pilot initiatives amongst strategic topics to be launched beginning of next year."

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Digital nomads reviving villages 

coworkings that revitalize villages

'Coworkings' that revitalize villages

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A newly resurrected village in the Pyrenees